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Please Share Your experience.

Please share your experience.

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  1. Went in on a group order with some friends from Thang. Could not believe how attentive and patient he was with my million questions and offering advice on things not even related to my order. He shipped the package quickly and beautifully. I’ve been in the hobby 10 years now and could not believe the attention he put into packing each piece so it would arrive safely. The wonderful experience only continued when I got the corals in the tank. Some of the most lovely quality and coloring I’ve had the pleasure of owning. Will definitely be a repeat customer!!!!

  2. Thang is absolutely stellar! He answered all my questions (trust me, I had lots) and was patient. Sent me pictures of everything along with my final order. We were three people that got together for an order so you can imagine the amount of questions and swaps and changes. He put our order together flawlessly! Everything was labelled and packaged perfectly. Order shipping Tuesday afternoon from Toronto and arrived 5hrs north the following morning! Very impressive. Dipped all the corals and they were pest free, container clear. Everything opened quickly in the tank and looks amazing! High quality corals and over the top customer service! I will definitely be ordering more corals from Thang in the future!

  3. A big shout out to Thang Nguyen for being such a standup guy. Over the past few weeks Thang and I have been in talks about a sps frag pack. He was very timely with replies, pictures and even shared some information of par levels for individual sticks. He had everything I was looking for and then some, but like all of us we run out of money lol. Seriously though, anyone looking for high end anything, Thang is your man. He took the time to pack it right, the first that I’ve seen in Canada(frags mounted upside down so they stay suspended) and a heat pack cause it has been cooler here in Sudbury. Frag sizes were very generous and the freebie was a surprise – thank you for that. Aside from FedEx not scanning the box either in Toronto or here in Sudbury which was super concerning, it was a wonderful experience buying from you Thang! I only hope to have the pleasure to visit you in the spring and see exactly what you’re hoarding down there LOL. Thanks again and everyone – please buy with confidence.

  4. Very satified! I ordered about 12+ frags and added them in my tank 20h after ordering!

    Packaging was amazing!! I could not imagine a better way to package frags! And the results were there, all the zoas had there polyps open after a long ride from Toronto to Montréal. They are in a better shape than when i get some frags at the LFS that is a 25min drive ahah.

    Good price and good quality too!

  5. What can I say? I ordered a crapload of zoas and a couple lps frags. Great packaging (you would think you were receiving lab specimens from mars). Insanely good prices. And all very healthy upon arrival. He appreciates your business which reflects in his generosity.

  6. Been around a year of seeing Thang’s corals and have done a few orders with him. I’ve had a few sps frags die during shipping and he’s awesome at replacing the frags that didn’t make it. Very nice guy who’s attentive, easy going and makes me want more corals haha.
    All coral frags I’ve ever ordered from him came very well healed, even encrusted. His passion of corals and Coral husbandry clearly shows in the corals he sells. I wish I lived closer so I could see his tank, maybe one day!

  7. placed my first order. blown away by the professionalism the corals came in. packaging was superb no leaking bags, everything clearly labeled and not faded. coral health super healthy opened up with in 10min from acclimating to my tank. pics vs actual far better in person. you won’t be disappointed ordering from Thang.

  8. Ive always heard of Thang to be a powerhouse when it comes to quality coral. I finally got the opportunity to visit him and wow was i ever blown away. The greatest variety of coral ive ever seen in one place from softies to really rare sps and his display tank is mindblowing. Got a bunch of nice chunky frags for a great price all pest free and had PE within hours of being in the tank. As soon as you see his setup you can tell right away how passionate he is about the hobby. I will definitely be visiting him again very soon and i suggest anyone who is reading this to do the same!
    The display tank lures you in and the frag tanks seal the deal. Be forewarned there is so much variety you can end up spending alot of money and time there 🙂
    A++++ seller

  9. I have now mad a couple purchases from Thang at GTA Reef. My first shipment was a colony of Red Planet and some other SPS frags. All survived and my colony was beyond my expectation. I absolutely loved the colour, size, and very reasonable price. My last shipment was of a beautiful colony and frag. The price was amazing. Unfortunately due to poor handling of the shipping company, NOT THANGS NEGLIGENCE, both died. Thang immediately took care of the issue and sent me another amazing colony. I can’t explain how beautiful the SSC mili is! STUNNING!
    Great communication. Great selection. Great quality. Great business transactions!!
    5 star. I will order again.

  10. I’ve been purchasing my Corals both Soft and SPS from GTAreef for a few years with Zero Disappointment.

    Besides having a Excellent selection , the quality is 2nd to none (cut, color, health, survival rate).
    These cultivated corals have done much better than the Wild ones I’ve purchased from retailers that are harder to acclimatize to Artificial Reef Tanks.

    I’ve never once acquired any unwanted pests or disease since GTAreef maintains the highest standard in Tank husbandry, dipping, and monitoring.

    I highly recommend GTAreef, for Quality, Prices and Personal Service.


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